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DFW Electric Group. is proud to serve industrial, commercial and government clients with full-service, licensed electrical contracting services.

Commercial, Industrial, Residential Lighting & Electric Services

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DFWEG Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades and Retrofits & Lighting

Our lighting and electric staff designers will provide 1uality lighting which will deliver the most lumens for the least cost in the required space needing light. Keep in mind that you can over conserve energy and deliver a poor product as well. You must look at the task being performed to determine the quantity of light, quality of light and lamp color that best meets your needs first. Then work on the energy related saving. Stick with the industry leaders for their products. The name brand manufacturers spend time, money and research bringing the very best products to market and there is a difference in the performance. This is what DLS will do for you.

We have dedicated our businesses to being your single most responsible resource for:

  • Lighting & Electrical Products
  • Electrical Service and Construction
  • Enterprise Energy Management
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Re-lamping, Re-ballasting
  • Retrofits
  • Fluorescent
  • H.I.D
  • Incandescent systems
  • Troubleshooting wiring
  • Switch gear
  • Electrical distribution panel maintenance
  • Motor control centers / motor controls
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Color Thermography
  • Control System / Automation
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • System troubleshooting
  • PLC replacements / new installations
  • Process Management Systems

Group Relamps

Group relamping is the best practice if you consider labor saving, interruption cost, improved overall system efficiency, fixture cleaning, reduced maintenance time, improved light levels, and bulk purchasing practices. It may sound expensive and foolish to throw away dusty, depreciated lamps at end of rated life, but look what you receive! Consistent light levels, improved color uniformity, reduced maintenance, fewer tenant complaints and more time for your maintenance staff to focus on other productive areas are all benefits of group relamping. Beyond that a group relamp approach often allows you to take advantage of the newest technology at the time of relamp to insure you have the most efficient system. Consider group relamping your facility with DLS.

Interior and Exterior on call Lighting Maintenance

Many of our customers often employ maintenance contracts for their exterior and interior lighting. This allows them to fix their monthly cost, and insure that lighting in critical areas like parking lots, building entrance and exit areas are on when they need to be. FSG Lighting Services will customize a service contract route to fit your need on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or on-call basis.


Trust is an important factor when choosing an electrician. When we hire employees to assign to our Commercial Electric Services trucks, we are very strict and particular about finding the right person. Only the most trusted, knowledgeable and certified people make it all the way. Our goal is to have every job done right the first time. Most of all, we want to make our customers feel confident that the person entering their home, office, or building is a qualified professional.

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DFW Electric Group. is proud to serve industrial, commercial and government clients with full-service, licensed electrical contracting services. Through hard work and an unyielding commitment to providing first-class products and services to our customers, DFW Electric Group has grown to be one of the most respected electrical contractors in the DFW area.